//A Celebration to Remember: Thank You!
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Pattern’s 50th Anniversary

A Celebration to Remember: Thank You!

Pattern President and CEO Jonathan Drapkin along with former Pattern President and CEO Linda Dickerson interviewed Daymond John on Dec. 10.

Pattern President and CEO Jonathan Drapkin along with former Pattern President and CEO Linda Dickerson interviewed Daymond John on Dec. 10.

Not surprisingly, we tried to jam a lot into our celebration on Dec. 10, and time got away from us as we prepared to welcome special guest Daymond John to the stage. Pattern President and CEO Jonathan Drapkin had planned to make a few remarks – mostly to thank the many people who helped make the 50th anniversary year and 50th anniversary event happen.

Here is the text of those remarks.

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We promised no speeches. So I wish to make a short statement of thanks.

For nine years, I have been entrusted with the wellbeing of Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress as CEO. I think entrusted is a good way to explain how I feel about being the CEO.  It is not just a job.  As our former long-time board member  Dr. Danny Aronzon has said: “Simply put, Pattern is an organization devoted to making people’s lives better.”

Our job is to try to make the disparate elements of improving the quality of life somehow fit together. I assure you, it is not an easy task. It is why I am so fortunate to have a large and incredibly smart board of directors. Make no mistake, it is the board’s collective knowledge that drives this organization and it is extraordinary.   As we celebrate our 50th anniversary,  I truly thank all board members, past and present, for their service.

And while I have been fortunate to serve as the CEO, over the course of these 50 years some of the brightest minds in the Hudson Valley have served as staff. They are and have been phenomenal. And depending on our focus, different people have come to work with us – almost like scholars in residence. We are indebted to them all.

Let me also say, Pattern has an extraordinary group of members that are loyal as well as generous. And like our board they are there, complete with their expertise, to call upon and we do.

And let me also take a moment to thank all of the volunteers that helped put tonight’s event together and give a special shout out to the staff here at Anthony’s who make it look so easy. And along these lines I must thank the folks at the Bardavon for obtaining and curating this evening’s talent, not to mention the craft brewers and distillers and the team that managed our silent auction.

Over the years we have been fortunate to have the support of many sponsors. Please look at your program as we are humbled by how many organizations stepped up to say “Keep It Up Pattern,” especially tonight. I also want to give a special thanks to our three sponsors for this entire Anniversary Year: Westchester Medical Center Health Network, Sterling National Bank and Crystal Run Healthcare.

So, 50 years is a long time. We do not always have all the answers, but we are always motivated by the belief that things could be better if we are willing to consider the possibilities.

For the past year, we have spent countless hours in a campaign to raise $1 million dollars – it was an effort led by past chairman John Rath and let me say Thank You to John once again and to all of you.  As of tonight, we are  within $30,000 of hitting  our goal for funding to help us look at k-12 education in the Hudson Valley and how to revitalize our urban areas. If you have not already done so, please consider making a donation or an additional contribution or visit our website pattern-for-progress.org to do so.

With your support, we welcome the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the next 50.

So to all of you – on behalf of all of us at Pattern – thank you.

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