About Pattern


Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress is a not-for-profit policy, planning, advocacy and research organization whose mission is to promote regional, balanced and sustainable solutions that enhance the growth and vitality of the Hudson Valley.

Building Consensus Through Collaboration

When business and academic leaders founded Pattern in 1965, their goal was to “build consensus for a pattern of growth that will insure a high quality of life,” and their work plan included the protection of the natural environment, “taking from it only those resources needed to promote economic prosperity”, and providing “adequate opportunities and incentives for capital formation and meaningful, gainful employment.”

In that spirit, Pattern brings together business, nonprofit, academic and government leaders from across as many as nine counties to collaborate on regional approaches to affordable/workforce housing, municipal sharing and local government efficiency, best P-12 educational models, land use policy, transportation and other infrastructure issues that most impact the growth and vitality of the regional economy.

Learn About Pattern, Watch Our Video

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Examining P-12 education is a current priority as is the revitalizing of urban centers.

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Pattern often convenes business, academic and nonprofit leaders to address issues affecting the region.

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Events that promote awareness of topics such as housing and infrastructure are often organized by Pattern.