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Pattern Fellows and Community Builders

Pattern Fellows

The Pattern Fellows Program is an innovative leadership program started by Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress in 2007 to expand the horizons of those already acknowledged as leaders in their communities and disciplines. The program helps participants to gain a more intimate knowledge of the region and encourages them to explore regional approaches to their work. See more about the program.

Become a Regional Fellow and take leadership to a new level!

Click on the links below for Program Description and Application

Fellows Program Description 2019-2020

Pattern Fellows Application 2019-2020


Community Builders

planning-magazine-coverThe Community Builders Program is a new exciting program started by the Center for Housing Solutions and Urban Initiatives in 2016 to provide participants with the tools to identify local issues, study and research the community, establish potential solutions with a focus on moving specific objectives and projects to completion.  In its inaugural year the Program was highlighted in the nationally recognized Planning Magazine.  (see more here) In order to create the highest quality program and attention to detail, class size will be set at a maximum of 8 people.

See more about the program and the application.

Become a Community Builder and take your projects to a new level!