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Changing Hudson Valley – Population Trends

Numbers Decline in Most Hudson Valley Counties

Population Trends report coverNEWBURGH, September 22, 2015 – Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress has issued a report entitled “Changing Hudson Valley – Population Trends.” The report details where in the nine-county Hudson Valley region there is growth and decline, along with who is moving in and out.
Similar to New York as a whole, the Hudson Valley is facing population challenges. From 2010-2014, the nine-county Hudson Valley grew at 1.3 percent, or 31,974 new residents, but the only counties that saw population growth were Westchester, Rockland and Orange. Communities showing the greatest numerical decline between 2000 and 2013 were the cities of Hudson (Columbia County) and Mount Vernon and the Town of Bedford (Westchester County). Please see the attached “Report Highlights” for more. Changes in population affect funding, representation and workforce, among other areas.
“The trends are showing population growth in just a few, select areas of the Hudson Valley so we’re going to have be smarter about where we encourage growth,” said Pattern Senior Research Planner Paul Hesse. “The sprawl-style development model is economically and environmentally flawed, and with a new enthusiasm for urban living nationally and locally, now is the time for the Hudson Valley to focus on its urban centers.”
The report is issued as part of Pattern’s Urban Action Agenda, a three-year effort aimed at developing policies and strategies for the revitalization of the Hudson Valley’s urban centers.