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Region’s Urban Centers Get New Data Tool as Pattern for Progress Releases Housing profiles of 25 Communities in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress and its Center for Housing Solutions and Urban Initiatives have released a new set of Housing Profiles of the region’s urban areas, offering informative and easy-to-read snapshots of housing conditions and affordability in 25 cities and villages throughout the Hudson Valley.

Covering a range of communities, from larger cities like New Rochelle, Middletown, and Poughkeepsie, to smaller villages like Saugerties, Liberty, and Haverstraw, the 12-page profiles give elected officials, municipal staff, housing organizations, developers, real estate agents, civic groups, and residents, “a powerful new tool to understand and react to the changes in the housing market taking place in the region’s urban areas,” said Joe Czajka, Executive Director of the Center for Housing Solutions and Senior Vice President at Pattern for Progress.

Bringing together data from a variety of sources in order to tell a compelling story about housing conditions and trends within each community, the profiles use charts, graphs, maps, and analysis to display information about population and demographic changes, home values, median rents, housing affordability, gentrification, public and affordable housing projects, and much more.

The 25 communities profiled are all part of the Urban Action Agenda (UAA), Pattern’s ongoing initiative to promote growth and revitalization in urban centers throughout the nine-county Hudson Valley Region.

“Pattern’s Housing Profiles for 25 of the Mid-Hudson urban centers provide important, informative and comparative data that will help communities address the significant housing challenges that we face here in the Hudson Valley at all income levels,” said Kevin O’Connor, the CEO of RUPCO, an affordable housing group based in Kingston. “Data drives good decision making and once again Pattern is providing relevant information across our region that can help us plan a brighter future with affordable housing, sustainable communities and economic prosperity,” he added.

Christina Hines, the Executive Director of Poughkeepsie-based Hudson River Housing noted that, “As the pace of development continues to accelerate in cities and towns across the Hudson Valley, focused up to date data can help ensure we are able to effectively analyze and understand the impacts of change in our communities. Pattern’s Housing Profiles provides that valuable data that is essential to our work – ensuring affordability and inclusive growth that benefits all.”

In addition to the creation of an expanded set of Community Profiles issued in March, 2018, Pattern has developed new Housing Profiles for all 25 UAA communities. The Housing Profiles take a deep dive into rental and owner-occupied housing by providing analysis of affordability, existing conditions, and demographic changes. Shining a spotlight on housing in these 25 communities represent the next step in the UAA’s efforts to provide useful data to policymakers, residents, and business and community groups. Funding for the housing profiles comes from Empire State Development and the NYS Department of State through the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council.

All 25 profiles are available for download on Pattern’s website at: http://www.pattern-for-progress.org/what-we-do/current-issues-research-agenda/housing/housing-profiles/

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