What We Do

The work of Pattern for Progress has the capacity to improve the lives of the 2.4 million people of New York’s Hudson Valley. 

“We take on the issues people talk about but don’t always want to address. Our work focuses on emerging trends that impact all sectors of the Hudson Valley.”

—Jonathan Drapkin, President and CEO
Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress

Of New York State’s 695 school districts, 122 of them are in the Hudson Valley. As a state, we invest $65 billion in our public schools annually. As a region, we are the most heavily taxed location in the nation—our school taxes are the reason. Nonetheless, many… Learn more
A half-century ago, the cities and urban centers of the Hudson Valley were “All-American,” a term synonymous with success. They were places at the tops of their games. The generous breadths of Broadways and Main Streets were alive with commerce. Proud waterfronts…Learn more
Pattern for Progress has become established as the prime source for regional information and trends in housing in the Hudson Valley. This has become increasingly important as more and more people find it difficult to pay the costs of living here with housing. Housing…Learn more


Today, the world demands solid and dependable underpinnings to the activities of daily life. Infrastructure means livelihoods—think of the 14.2 million workers employed nationally in this sector. Infrastructure means survival, especially in terms of critical resources such as water…Learn more
Pattern for Progress continues to unify the Hudson Valley to solve some of its most daunting challenges. That includes reaching across political borders to encourage intergovernmental collaborations that save taxpayer dollars while streamlining the delivery of crucial…Learn more
Pattern holds a long-standing commitment to balancing development and the environment. We believe that fairness and predictability must be restored to the land use approval process if the Hudson Valley wants to grow. For instance, one of Pattern’s most…Learn more