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Pattern for Progress has become established as the prime source for regional information and trends in housing in the Hudson Valley. This has become increasingly important as more and more people find it difficult to pay the costs of living here with housing as a main cause for that high cost. Housing became an even bigger part of our identity when Pattern established the Center for Housing Solutions. The Center for Housing Solutions and Urban Initiatives was founded in September 2012. The Center has assisted housing agencies, developers, builders, Realtors, municipalities and advocates for affordable housing.

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Pattern and the Center for Housing Solutions and Urban Initiatives release Housing Profiles for 25 Communities in the Valley

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The Center for Housing Solutions and Urban Initiatives provides analyses of the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s Out of Reach data for the Hudson Valley. The data indicates that renters’ wage rates have increased and monthly rents have increased, but the monthly housing gap remains extraordinarily high throughout the region.

2018 Analysis

2019 Analysis