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The Urban Action Agenda

What is the Urban Action Agenda? – The Urban Action Agenda (UAA) is a major initiative led by Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress to promote growth and revitalization in urban centers throughout the nine-county Hudson Valley Region. The Valley contains a wide variety of urban centers, large and small, located along the Hudson River and other historic transportation corridors. These cities and villages are where population, social, cultural, civic, and economic activity traditionally clustered. With their existing infrastructure, access to transit, and traditions of denser development, these communities are well positioned to accommodate the region’s growth in the 21st Century.


As part of the UAA, Pattern focuses on 25 urban centers across the 9 county region to strengthen their urban fabric, reduce sprawl, and preserve the green space that is one of the region’s strongest qualities. There are 11 cities and 14 villages in the UAA. The UAA includes 6 communities in Westchester County, 5 in Orange County, 3 each in Rockland, Dutchess, and Ulster Counties, 2 in Sullivan County, and 1 each in Putnam, Columbia, and Greene Counties. Collectively, these urban areas have over 25% of the region’s population and an even larger share of the jobs and economic activity. View a map of the 25 UAA communities.


The UAA covers a broad range of topic areas, ranging from Demographic Changes and Housing to Education and Public Safety. Successful urban areas must maintain an awareness of all of these topics, and must strive to improve across a variety of metrics. Read more about the UAA’s topic areas.


Pattern has just released the second round of the Community Profiles, informative and easy-to-read snapshots of 25 cities and villages throughout the Hudson Valley that bring together data from a variety of sources in order to tell a compelling story about conditions and trends within each community. Using charts, graphs, maps, and analysis, they provide information about population and demographic changes, housing costs, income and poverty, jobs and commuting patterns, municipal finances, public education, crime, health, quality of life, and more. The profiles are a powerful tool to help elected officials, municipal staff, business leaders, civic groups, and residents understand and react to changes taking place in urban areas.


The UAA releases annual reports on Pattern’s progress to revitalize and support urban centers of the Hudson Valley. To read the reports click on the cover.



One of the flagship efforts of the UAA. Click the link above or the photo below to see the newly expanded and updated profiles released in March, 2018.