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The Urban Action Agenda Topic Areas

Eleven main topic areas were selected through community and regional input to become the core focuses of the UAA. Together, they link to create vibrant communities. Other topics can be addressed as the UAA moves forward. They pose these questions and discussion points:

1. Demographic Shifts

Growth and decline factors of urban areas vary across the region. The UAA will analyze how urban areas grow, change shape and how they can attract and retain people.

2. Economic Development

Economic vitality is thriving in some areas, while not performing as well as in others. How can we create actionable steps for communities to preserve and grow their economic base?

3. Education

We learn every day. Quality public education in the Hudson Valley at all grade levels is a strong concern among residents. How do good schools help urban centers thrive? What can be done better in urban centers? What works well now?

4. Housing

This topic will help assess a wide range of housing across the region, and define actionable steps to preserve and develop quality housing in communities.

5. Infrastructure

Municipal infrastructure quality and improvement needs are a pressing issue. The UAA will expand upon the ongoing Pattern for Progress Infrastructure study to help determine how urban areas can address infrastructure needs in the long run.

6. Local and Regional Governance

Sharing best practices in local governance is what Pattern has done well for 50 years. The UAA will be used to connect best practices across the region so urban areas can learn from and work better with each other.

7. Public Health

The Hudson Valley is home to some of New York State’s healthiest communities – this topic area will identify how to maintain and grow that unique characteristic of the region across all communities.

8. Public Safety

Safety is a natural concern for all communities. This topic area will help create venues to identify and share best practices, and ensure the safety of residents in the Hudson Valley.

9. Regional Amenities

What keeps people in the Hudson Valley? What is here, or can be created, that can attract and retain people to the region? This topic area will study and catalog regional and local amenities, and find ways to assist in marketing and promoting urban centers.

10. Sustainability

The UAA focuses on environmental and built environment factors that urban areas have identified – to help unify, leverage and connect sustainability efforts.

11. Transportation

Getting from here to there takes time, resources, and public support. How can the Hudson Valley best utilize land and resources to improve transportation and mobility?