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What We Do

Research & Services

Pattern staff pursues a strategic plan for research as directed by the Pattern Board of Directors. Beyond that, the staff often works under contract to municipalities and other organizations to provide a menu of services that coincide with the mission of Pattern.

Professional Training and Board Development

Pattern conducts specialized and directed training to enhance the knowledge and capacity for business and professional development of board members, executive and mid-career professionals.

Enhanced Services Agreement

Pattern assists governments and public service providers in analyzing service delivery and underlying structures and provides alternatives with the intent of  improving the effectiveness and efficiency of local government.

Research & Demographic Analysis

Pattern conducts research and produces analyses of demographic and statistical information for public, private amd nonprofit organizations to provide evidence of population and   socio-economic trends and to recommend ways to position organizations to meet the opportunities of  those trends.

Directed Research

Pattern conducts research and analysis of challenges facing municipalities and organizations to identify action items that can address the issues raised to chart a pathway to success.

Grant Writing

Pattern assists municipalities and nonprofit organizations in identifying grant sources and assembling grant applications for state, federal and foundation funding.

Community Development

Pattern assists communities in the evaluation of their economic development potential through Main Street and downtown revitalization, adaptive re-use and efficient deployment of infrastructure.

Strategic Long-Term Planning

Pattern conducts analysis of organizational goals and objectives, whatever the challenge may be, to assist organizations in establishing long-term strategic goals and plans to achieve them.

Mediation & Facilitation

Pattern fosters collaboration among two or more parties and assists in creating partnerships to advance a multi-faceted regional mission.