NY Surplus Could Fuel Jobs, Infrastructure

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December 2014       For the Times Herald-Record

In government, you seldom get to make a real wish list.

Yet New York state right now is contemplating what to do with a multi-billion-dollar surplus. So far, Governor Cuomo has made it clear that […]

We Need Cuomo To Boost State Initiatives Locally

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January 16, 2014

By Jonathan Drapkin / For the Times Herald-Record

Even as we pore over the 230 pages of the full text of the governor’s State of the State message, we take note of the many positive statements we’ve heard, as […]

Thanking Gov. Cuomo, and Wanting More

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December 23, 2013

By Jonathan Drapkin / For the Times Herald-Record

It’s the holiday season — time for people to make lists of what they want. Sometimes they get the items on their lists, and sometimes they don’t.

In the world of economic […]

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